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Since I was kid, my love for animals was evident. After our neighbor’s cat gave birth in our backyard behind some of dad’s old car parts I would find myself there any time I could get away from the clutches of my mum. I spend hours and hours playing with the cat and eventually the kittens after they had become of age and separating us became almost impossible.

After watching documentaries on the great cats of Africa, my love for cats grew even deeper. Anytime we would visit a friend of my parents and they had a cat, I would disappear and follow it wherever it went. It didn’t matter to me whether it was an indoor or outdoor cat. To me, all cats were my best friend.

So why Best Cat Products?

Well, I could have decided to have a website on great cat breeds but, I believe that regardless of the kind of cat you love, they deserve a lot of TLC and by offering great information on some of the best cat products that have worked for me in the past, I can in my own way give back to these amazing pets and save you from flushing tons of money down the toilet in the process.

Sengiggi (I called her Giggi) was my first pet cat. She set off my love affair with Abyssinians which I ended up breeding for 15 years. She was a playful and picky (or so I thought in mind) little monster and I was not sure what to buy or not to buy. I ended up spending a fortune buying basic things like cat litters and scratch posts to more luxury products like cat toys and claw clippers. I didn’t know what she liked so I kept buying in hopes that she would like something. In most cases, all I would get after introducing something new was that, ‘What the hell did you bring home this time,’ look. I would end up giving some of the stuff to other cat owners or donating them to shelters and to my surprise, those cats didn’t like them either.

Over the years, I had given out so much and I still had problems picking products that my cat would like. I soon learnt that like us, cats have preferences and a unique sense of taste. I started picking products that Giggi loved more constantly and after nailing this down I had a brilliant idea!

Why not save cat lovers money and cats from the pain of having to deal with stuff they don’t like? I put together a lean and mean team of cat lovers and experts and started looking through quite a number of options on how we could bring my ‘brilliant idea’ to life. So, we came up with bestcatproducts.co.uk.

We didn’t want to be just another review site. We wanted to be able to add value to cats and their owners and help people save money. In our ratings of the best products we try to be objective as possible with the different products. In most cases we rely on our experience and knowledge with the products and how they have worked for other cat owners in the past. My over 20 years with cats and near bankruptcy trying to please cats come in handy in helping you pick some of the best products since they have been tried and tested.

Our goal is to help you bathe in the satisfaction of watching your pet roar to life every time you bring new cat food, toys or other cat products for your pet.

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