Abyssinian – The Champion

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: March 6, 2018
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Abys are one of the most natural looking cat breeds. Not much crossbreeding has been done with other cats making it have well defined physical features that can easily be distinguished from other cats such as their unique tabby coat.

The Abyssinian history

The Abyssinian cat originated from Ethiopia in Africa, and it was brought to the UK by British soldiers who were working in Ethiopia at that time. However, there are DNA studies which claim that the Abyssinian’s real roots are in the regions close to the Indian Ocean. Maybe that is where they originally hailed from, but it is in Ethiopia where a majority of them were found.

Aby Appearance

The Abyssinian body structure resembles that of a wildcat. It has a slender and masculine body supported by moderately thin legs and a tail with a broad base. The good thing about the aby cat is that none of its features are exaggerated due to minimal cross breeding.

They have a medium wedge-shaped head with cute almond-shaped eyes and large pointed ears that seem to be alert at all times. The abys coat is short, fine and dense and it is referred to as a “ticked” coat because every hair strand has two rings of another color.

Abyssinians have different colors depending on their coat. Chocolate, Black, Ruddy, Cinnamon, and Fawn. The coats appear to be darker at the time of birth and gradually lighten as the cat grows. The almond-shaped eyes also exhibit different colors such as hazel, green, copper, and gold which surprisingly also depends on the coat color.

Abyssinian personality

Abyssinians are active cats, and they would rather die than sit still. Elevated surfaces seem to fascinate them a lot, and they are the kind of cats you expect to find stuck on a tree or the rooftop.

They are adrenaline addicts, so they love activities that challenge them. They are also the best cats for playing retrieving games with.

Abyssinians are friendly pets, and they don’t mind playing with kids who don’t mishandle them. They are affectionate cats, but they also demand respect like humans too, so they are likely to be found around people who treat them well. For an energetic cat, one would expect it to be rowdy. Surprisingly they are very gentle cats who prefer being handled with a lot of care.

They are also intelligent and independent. Abyssinians will always offer their help in every activity their owner is doing, and their intelligence helps them to adapt to different environments quickly. They are also dog-friendly cats, and they rarely have a problem interacting with other pets as long as they don’t harm them.

The best part about keeping an Aby cat is that they are low maintenance cats. They are one of the few breeds of cats who don’t shed a lot. Therefore, occasional grooming is allowed to prevent them from looking like wild cats.

Another shocking feature of the Aby cat is that despite being a very active cat, it is surprisingly not a vocal cat. Abyssinians are not fussy cats, and they follow their owners around like personal assistants but they do not make any noise, and you will hardly notice their presence unless you see them.


Everything about the Abyssinian cat is to be appreciated. Their natural look, their social nature, and their ability to interact with different people is commendable. Most cat owners who have experienced staying with an Abyssinian cat would positively recommend the cat to everyone.

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