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Facts about Cat Rescue, adoption and protection of cats in the UK

Losing a cat is a traumatizing experience for any pet owner. The thought of not knowing where your cat is or if they are still safe and alive is frightful. This reason is what led to the establishment of different lost and found organizations that have gone a long way to reunite pet owners with their beloved pets. Rescue centers have played a significant role in providing shelter for lost cats that are yet to be reunited with their owners. They provide a haven for stray cats that don‘t have a home or anyone to take care of them....

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The 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the UK

As a cat owner, do you really know where your feline friend originated from? Especially if you were given the cat as a gift and the cuteness made you forget to do some research on it. Fear not, that is why this article exists to enlighten you.  It will help you understand your cat’s roots and some of the peculiar behaviors that made them become a favorite among other cat lovers. More than 40 cat breeds in the UK There are over 40 breeds of cats in the UK alone, and your cat is most likely among the top...

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Abyssinian – The Champion

Abys are one of the most natural looking cat breeds. Not much crossbreeding has been done with other cats making it have well defined physical features that can easily be distinguished from other cats such as their unique tabby coat. The Abyssinian history The Abyssinian cat originated from Ethiopia in Africa, and it was brought to the UK by British soldiers who were working in Ethiopia at that time. However, there are DNA studies which claim that the Abyssinian’s real roots are in the regions close to the Indian Ocean. Maybe that is where they originally hailed from, but...

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Persian – The Cutest of Cats

The Persian cat is undeniably the cutest cat breed, and it looks all sorts of adorable. If even if you are not a cat lover, the sight of a Persian cat will melt your heart and make you want to buy one. History of the Persian Cat The Persian cat originated from Persia in Iran, and they migrated to Italy, France and then to Europe. Persians have grown to become one of the most popular cats in the UK, and many cat owners adore them. Recent studies showed that a lot of cross-breeding has occurred to the extent that...

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Bengal – The Curious Cat

Bengals are one of the most striking cats because of the unique large spots on the back and sides of their coat and the beautiful stripes covering the rest of their body. They are also more massive than the typical domestic making them conspicuous. So where exactly did Bengals come from? The word Bengal originates from an Asian Leopard cat which is quite intriguing since this cat is a hybrid of the Asian Leopard and a domestic cat. I know you are wondering who would be crazy enough to think of that, but one Willard Centerwall was courageous enough...

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