In this post we will look at what we believe are 5 of the best airtight cat food containers available at the moment. At Just Fur Cats these stand out from the plethora that are out there and we hope if you are in the market for a cat food container that you find one in our list.

Our Top 5

Curver Petlife Cat Food Storage Container


The reason the Curver Petlife Cat Food Container was chosen for our list is not just because it has one of the most adorable catty designed, but because it is also incredibly functional. It’s exterior features pictures of cats and the designs are actually moulded into the plastic to prevent them from scratching or peeling off. This particular container comes in two different capacities – 1.5Kg and 6 Kg, so there is more than enough space to store enough food for your cat on a weekly basis.

In order to keep the food fresh and keep air out, the container has been hermetically sealed. Thanks to its compact design, this is an incredibly portable container, so you won’t find it too hard to lift or move, regardless of the size you opt for in the end.

Both sizes of this cat food storage container are very easy to use and feature a user-friendly handle at the back to make it easier to tip. There is a double open system – incorporating a bigger lid for refilling and a smaller access lid to help you pour food out without causing too much dust. With its cat theme, this is undoubtedly one of the nicest products of its kind available at the moment and currently retails for a very reasonable price.

30 Litres Airtight Container


If you need a really affordable cat food container, look no further than the 30 litres capacity, storage container. It has been fully tested by UN for impact and leakages. These tests prove it has been made to a very durable and practical design and that it functions remarkably well.

As it has been fully certified as being okay to use with food, giving you peace of mind that you don’t need to worry about there being any toxic chemicals in it. The dimensions of this slender container are 53 by 30 by 25 cm and it has a very wide opening that makes it easy to use, while the strong lid and two handles make it easier to move. It can also be stacked neat and tidy.

King Fisher Pet Food Storage Tub


A very durable and convenient container is the King Fisher Storage tub for pet food. Measuring at 41.5 by 54 by 25 cm it can hold up to 30 litres of cat food and features an easy to use access wide opening. The flip top lid has rubber sealing all around the edges as this stops air seeping in and spoiling the food.

It has been constructed from very tough plastic that has been approved for domestic use and will not break bend or shatter with wear and tear. To make it easy to take some food from this for your cat, there is also a scoop that stores away in the lid.

Pet Food Storage Container


WE chose Green Gem’s Pet Food Storage Container next because it is an ideal choice for those with cats who are maybe on a strict budget. Although the one pictured is orange, there is a whole rainbow of colours you can choose from. This container also benefits from being incredibly durable and stackable, making it very convenient to store away.

Much like the King Fisher container, there is a scoop attached to the lid, meaning it is no hassle when feeding your cat and the rubber seals around the top keep your feline’s food fresh.

Curver Pet Dry Food Container


The second Curver product on our list is a little bit more expensive than some others, but when you consider that it is constructed from stainless steel and has been built to last, this more than makes up for the high price tag. It has a rubber seal that protects the food and even has wheels on the bottom to make it easier to move around.

Why It’s Important To Invest In An Airtight Cat Food Container

Cat food is obviously very important to our feline pals. It is what gives them the nutrition and sustenance they need to continue being happy and healthy pets. This is why it is vital that the food you keep in storage for your pets is as fresh as it can possibly be. If you buy a big bag of cat food and don’t seal it back up properly every time you use it, for instance, it will spoil much quicker.

When you invest in an airtight cat food container, like those mentioned in our list above; you can empty the contents of the original bag into the container and keep the food knowing it will stay fresh for a considerably longer time than if it was not.

Furthermore, if you have more than one cat or a cat that eats a lot of food, or just like to buy in bulk every few weeks or months, you may have a a lot of food to store away. It’s better for the food to keep it in a container with an airtight seal.

Things To Consider When Looking For An Airtight Cat Food Container

Airtight is a key word when looking for cat food containers, as you want to keep air out and anything else that might be in the atmosphere that could speed up the spoiling of the food. It also keeps flies and other bugs from the food, as well as not being inviting for any rodents that may live in your local area.

As important as ensuring the container is airtight, you also need to think carefully about the size of container you need. It is usually best to purchase a container that is a little bit bigger than the amount of cat food you keep in your household at any one time, to ensure it will all fit inside safely.

The bigger the container you get, the more mobility and practicality becomes an issue. When you need a bigger container, look for one with wheels or strong handles that will make it easier to manoeuvre and store away even when it is completely full.

You should also check that the container you buy is free from toxic chemicals and is safe for storing cat food. There will normally be labels or some kind of indicator if it is. Don’t just assume that it is without checking though, because some of the less expensive models out there have been made with chemicals that could cause your beloved pet health problems.