Best Cat Collars

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: February 18, 2018

How do I choose a good cat collar for my cat? As a cat owner, this is a question you have asked yourself several times which is normal. Cat collars are useful for several reasons. However, there are factors you should consider before settling on the best cat collar for your cat.

  • Purpose of the cat collar; cat collars are useful for attaching a name tag for easy identification, and they should never be used for connecting a leash since this can easily choke the cat. Unique collars like the flea collars should be removed as soon as they have cleared the fleas.
  • Your cats age; it’s easier to buy a collar for your adult cat, but you should be keener when purchasing a collar for your kittens. They grow every single day, and the collar should have an allowance for the growth.
  • Size of your cat; large cats, should not have tight collars and slim cats should not have loose collars. Regularly inspect the collars to ensure they are well fitting.

So, what are some of the best cat collars in the UK?

Leather Cat/Kitten Collar


This cat collar is made of genuine leather. Therefore, you can be rest assured it’s of good quality. Leather is a great material, and most cats don’t react to it. In addition to that, it is tough so therefore the collar won’t get damaged easily.  This is one of the best collars in the UK; it is very cheap and comes in various colors to choose from.

All cat sizes can comfortably fit in it since there are several holes for adjusting to ensure your cat is comfortable and not chocking on it. Outdoor cats are very adventurous, and most often than not they will bring different rodents and birds into your home.

The bell on the collar will frighten the birds so your cat will not be surprising you with strange unwanted visitors at odd hours of the night.

Cat Collar and Bell by Zacal


One of the worst nightmares when it comes to using cat collars is the fear that the collar may get hooked to something causing your cat to get stuck. This factor is what led to the development of quick release breakaway safety buckles.

This cat collar has the safety buckle so you won’t have sleepless night wondering if your cat is stuck somewhere. The collar is adjustable and can comfortably fit different cat sizes. It’s affordable, and the best part is, this cat collar comes in a pair since most cats easily lose the collars as they play. You get two collars for a great price.

The attached bell is the best if you have an adventurous cat who likes climbing trees and rooftops. You will be able to know where your cat is at all times, especially if they need to be rescued.

This collar made it to the list of the best cat collars in the UK because it’s made of a suitable quality material that does not rub off on your cat’s fur. Regarding quality, the collar is very durable, and your cat can use it for several months before you replace it. Unless of course if they lose it.

Pu Leather Paw Studded Cat Collar


If you are tired of buying cat collars every month, this is the best option for you. This is one of the best cat collars since it’s ridiculously cheap and attractive at the same time. The collar has tiny pretty metal studs around it and a bell too.

However, cats are also allergic to some metals so It’s advisable regularly inspects your cats to check for any reactions. This collar can comfortably fit all cat sizes, and it’s very sturdy. It does not get lost as often as the clip release type collars.

The elastic band will ensure your cat doesn’t choke in case the collar gets hooked on something and that they can easily wriggle their way out. The bells do a fantastic job when it comes to scaring predators away from your cat, and it’s an excellent way to keep your cat safe when they go out.

Cat / Kitten Diamante Flower Cluster Collar


When it comes to the best cat collars in the UK, this one cannot be left out of the list. It is one of the few cat collars where you get the privilege of getting your pet name and address engraved at no additional cost.

With this cat collar, you are guaranteed value for your money. It is easily adjustable to fit all cat sizes, and the elastic strap will ensure your cat is still safe in case the collar gets hooked to something.

This cat collar is quite attractive because of the tiny metal crystals attached to it. As usual, observe your cat every few days to check if their skin is reacting with the metal. The bell is loud enough to let you know the exact location of your cat in the house.

3 x Reflective Cat Collars with Bell


This unique cat collar stands out from the rest because of the reflective band. This genius idea allows your cat to be visible at night preventing it from fatal accidents such as being run over by a car.

The quality is outstanding which makes it one of the best cat collars in the UK. The safety release buckle will ensure your cat is safe and the size is adjustable to fit your beloved cat. It comes in a set of 3 cat collars with different vibrant colors to choose from.

The price is not high for such a brilliant collar, which is a good thing. The bell will allow you to know when your cat is coming back home so you can let them in after a long day of an attempting to catch birds and mice without any success.

Bottom Line

Cat collars are an effective method of identifying your cat, but there are several precautions to be considered. If you are using an elastic collar ensure the elastic band is not loose since your cat’s jaw or paw may get stuck in it. The bell attached should not be too large that it can get stuck onto something and above all, your cat should not react to anything attached to the collar.

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