Outdoor cats love spending time outside and most often than not, you keep opening the door for them to get into the house. This challenge is what led to the invention of cat flaps. They allow the cats to go out and come in as they please without necessarily having to wait for you to let them in.

History of Cat Flaps (brief)

The history of cat flaps is quite impressive. The word cat flap was first recorded in 1957, but the use of cat flaps started way before 1957. At that time the cat flaps were referred to as cat holes and they were being used as a method of controlling rodents in the rural setup.

The cat holes were found on storage doors and they were meant to encourage feral cats to come in and hunt down any rodents in the storage room. Feral cats rarely interacted with humans, and that was the only way that humans could welcome the cats into their homes.

The 10 Best Cat Flaps in the UK

Cat holes evolved to cat flaps with the domestication of cats, and nowadays the cat flaps have become modernized to suit both the cat and the cat owners. Some of the best cat flaps in the market include;

1. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap


As an outdoor cat owner, you most probably know how annoying it is to have stray cats or other neighboring cats come into your house at odd hours to feed on your cat’s food. This cat flap ensures that only your cat will have access to your home.

It is expensive but worth it, and it uses a microchip detector which is programmed to detect your cat’s chip. This is one of the best cat flaps in the market regarding functionality, and its only disadvantage is that it’s suitable for small cats.

If you have a large cat most probably they won’t go through the flap. Other than that, it is a great cat flap especially if you travel a lot and you can’t take your cat with you. The batteries can last up six months depending on the number of cats you have, and it is advisable to replace the batteries often to ensure your cat will not be locked out of the house when you are away.

The Sure Flap Microchip cat flap is made of high-quality materials making it durable. Some clients have used for the past eight years, and it served them and their cats very well.

2. PetSafe Staywell Multi-Locking


This cat flap is one of the most affordable cat flaps in the market, and it is easy to install. The flap is very firm which guarantees that insects, rodents and other cats can get into your house.

There are four different locking levels which control your cat’s movements. The in only, whereby your cats can only get in from outside, but they can’t go out. This comes in handy if you don’t like your cats roaming around at night.

The out only ensures your cat stays out until you let them in, the in and out lock method, whereby your cat can get in and go out as they please and the fully locked method whereby your cats can’t completely go out or get into the house.

This last locking method is the best in case of bad weather conditions such as a hurricane or when your cat is sick and you want it to stay indoors. This cat flap can be used for cats of up to 7 kgs.

3. PetSafe Staywell Flexible Flap


This unique cat flap is made of a strong aluminum frame which makes it very durable and pricey too. It can accommodate all sizes of cats up to 100kgs, and you can control the movement of your cats manually by sliding the closing panel which prevents your cats from going out.

The flap is exceptionally soft making it safe for your cats back, and it’s also flexible at the same time. Therefore, your cats will be able to push it with ease. The magnet around the flap ensures that it stays shut even during harsh weather conditions.

The only downside of this cat flap is that the plastic screws are very delicate therefore you can’t use a power screwdriver when installing it. The force will be too much, and it will break the screws. Apart from that, this is a simple, modern and easy to use cat flap that your cat will enjoy using it.

4. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door


Cats love to mark their territory by peeing on different spots or on the same spot continuously, and this can be problematic since cat urine has a very sharp smell which lingers for a long time. This cat flap ensures other outdoor cats don’t get into your home and even worse pee all over your house.

It is one of the most expensive cat flaps in the market, and it uses a double locking method to prevent entry of other cats. It is ideal for large cats and on top of that, it is compatible with most microchip formats in the market. It also comes with a collar tag in case your cat does not have a microchip.

The flap is very sturdy, and it withstands large cats passing through. It’s straightforward to program, and the curfew mode controls all the timings that your cat should go out.

5. Cat Mate 4-way Locking Cat Flap


Simple does not always mean poor quality. This cat flap is ridiculously cheap compared to other cat flaps in the market. The flap is transparent and uses a magnet to keep it shut all the time. Some cats don’t like the beeping sound the microchip cat flap makes, so this is the best substitution.

It is easy to fit and very firm. It cannot be blown open by the wind, and in addition to that, it can withstand strong cats passing through it. There are brushes around the flap which prevent it from slamming especially at night which can be quite irritating.

6. Cat Mate Large Four-Way Cat Flap


A cat flap should be able to withstand any weather conditions and remain shut to prevent water or other objects from being blown into the house. This affordable cat flap can withstand any draught because of its strong magnet, and the flap has a great swing that allows your cats to pass through quickly.

This cat flap comes with clear installation guidelines, and you should always be on the lookout for poor finishing on the flaps. Some flaps have a lousy finishing which could harm your beloved cat as they pass through it.

7. PetSafe Staywell Original Two-Way Pet Door


This cat flap is ideal for cats of up to 7 kgs, and it is very cheap. It has a plastic locking method to keep your cat indoors when you don’t want it to go out. The cat flap is very easy to fit; you just have to ensure that the hole in the door is the correct size and you put the bolts and nuts in the right direction. That is, the bolts go in from inside and the nuts on the outside.

It comes with an additional paper template to help in cutting the correct size. This cat flap is very reliable despite being cheap. It is also the best for cats that get frightened by the beeping sound from other cat flaps.

8. Pet Mate Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap


This modern cat flap is affordable, good looking and easy to install. You are guaranteed value for your money, and some clients have used it for up to 14 years without replacing it. The flap is transparent and easy to wipe clean.

The magnet ensures the flap stays shut at all times. However, with kittens, you will need to be more patient with them. It will take them a while to get used to the idea of head-butting the flap for it to open. You can also get the magnetic collar for them.

9. Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap with Door Liner


This lockable cat flap is extremely attractive, and the brown color easily blends with any door. It’s very affordable, and the liner allows for easy and neat installation that will not mess up your door. The flap is not stiff, and kittens will have an easy time passing through it.

The only downside to this act flap is that there are counterfeits in the market. Therefore you should be careful when purchasing it and doing due diligence will prevent you from buying a fake product.

10. PetSafe Original 2-Way Pet Door


The beauty of this cat flap is the fact that it can be used for different pets as long as they can fit into it. It is not costly, and it comes with different sizes. It is easy to install, and a lot of clients who used it ended up liking it a lot.

It has a two-way locking system that allows you to control your cat’s movements. The only disadvantage of this product is the clattering noise it makes when the cats are passing through.  Apart from that, it’s a simple cat flap that works pretty well.

In conclusion

Cat Flaps have helped regulate cat movements and also preventing other cats from invading your home. The modernized ones have been well embraced, but the simple traditional ones are still in use. It all comes down to what your cat prefers, after all, it’s your cat using it, not you.