One of the biggest challenges when it comes to cat food is how to keep it fresh for a long duration. Most of the cat food bags are not reseal able and once you open it, it becomes hard to prevent moisture from entering.

Cats like the crunchiness of the dry food, and once the biscuits absorb moisture, their texture changes and they become less appealing to the cats. Therefore, it is advisable to store cat food in the storage containers which have several advantages like;

  • They are airtight therefore keep moisture away,
  • They are easier to use,
  • They are durable,
  • Most of them are made of suitable quality materials that won’t leak into the biscuits,
  • They rarely spill the biscuits when knocked down by cats,
  • They occupy less space on the kitchen counter or in the kitchen cabinet.

The Best Cat Food Storage explained

There are many brands, and types of cat food storage and cat treat containers in the market, but nothing beats the ones in this article.

Pet Life 4kg Dry Food Container


If you have a fussy cat who is very selective on the texture of their food, this is the best cat food storage container for you. It is straightforward to use, and the best part is that it is airtight. The seals work well, and you can be sure your fussy cat will enjoy their fresh food.

This cat food container is one of the easiest to use. It has a side tip opening that allows you to pour the right amount of food without spilling the rest. The size is commendable since it can comfortably fit 4kgs of cat food and it will occupy less space in the kitchen cabinet compared to the cat food bags.

The cat drawings on this cat food bin are attractive, and it is an excellent gift to buy for your kids. It’s made of a suitable quality material that won’t leak into the biscuits. The airtight feature will also ensure the biscuits retain the meaty scent. Cats like humans too also utilize their sense of smell. Therefore, the smell of the food will encourage them to eat or decline the food.

Burgon & Ball – Doris Cat Tin


This unique cat food storage tin is ideal for storing 1-2kgs of cat food. It is very cheap and made of good quality material. Therefore, you can be sure the quality is not compromised. This cat food container is different from the rest in that the lid easily comes off making it easier to use a scoop.

However, this cat food tin has some disadvantages. It is not airtight therefore your cat’s food won’t be fresh for long. The lid is easy to remove which means the cats can quickly knock it off and spill the biscuits.

You should keep it in a place where your cat won’t be able to access it. It is ideal for storing small amounts of cat treats since you won’t need to open it regularly to regulate moisture from entering.

CURVER 10 KG (23 liter)


Buying cat food in bulk is cheaper and convenient. This cat food storage container will ensure you do not have to worry about storing it for an extended period. The 10kg size will allow the food to stay fresh at all times. It is cheap, and it’s of good quality too.

The double opening system allows you to pour the cat food easily. It is airtight to prevent moisture and odor tight at the same time. This will enable the cat food to retain its original scent. It has a lockable feature, and it is very sturdy. Therefore, your cat will not be able to knock it off, and if they do, the food will not spill.

The cat images on it make it very attractive, and it is also lightweight despite being able to hold a lot of cat food. Storing a 10kg bag of cat food can be quite cumbersome, but this pet food storage container will simplify your work.

Vintage Retro Style Matt Enamel CAT FOOD Tin


At times it can be challenging lifting 10kg cat food storage tin to pour the food. That is why the Vintage Retro Style Matt Enamel cat food tin went the extra mile to help their clients. This cat food container comes with a scoop which helps you to transfer food from the container to the bowls easily.

The lid has a handle that helps you to open the tin gently, and the cover is airtight, so your cat’s food will remain fresh. It is an excellent way of organizing your kitchen cabinet since it does not occupy a lot of space.

It is very affordable, and the vintage look makes it look classy and unique for a pet food bin. It does not have many decorations compared to other cat food containers, so your kids won’t find it fascinating but it’s an ideal gift for an adult cat lover.

CURVER Pet Dry Food Container Cat


This is one of the most expensive cat food storage containers in the market. It is made of a suitable quality material that warrants the high price. It is beautiful, and it will be a lovely addition to your kitchen countertop.

There is a plastic lock that takes care of notorious cats who like dipping their tiny paws in the cat food containers to steal treats. The 35-liter size is ideal if you have several cats and you prefer buying their food in bulk.

There is also scoop inside to facilitate quick transfer of cat food without spilling and wastage. The airtight feature will allow you to store the dry cat food for months without losing its natural taste or texture.

Bottom Line

Cat food storage containers are a must in every home. They simplify the feeding process, and they do not cause a mess in the kitchen compared to the cat food bags. It is also easier to check the quantity of cat food remaining, so you can be able to order the next packet on time. Most of the cat food bins are very attractive, and if you are a fan of having cat paraphernalia, they will be an excellent addition to your collection.