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This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: February 16, 2018
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In this guide

When it comes to a cat harness, the four most important factors you should always consider as a cat owner are;

  • Comfort
  • Well-fitting
  • Escape-proof
  • Safety

Most outdoor cats cherish the time they spend outdoors, and cat harness has help keep the cats safe from any potential hazards such as getting knocked down by a car. However, the challenge comes in choosing the best cat harness for your cat.

There are two categories of cat harness; the leads and the jackets/vests. Leads are recommended for calm, easy going cats that are not fussy while the vests are preferred for adventurous cats who always try to escape when you are out with them. They offer more coverage to your cat, and they are more secure compared to the leads.

Our best cat harnesses

Trixie 41960 Cat Set of Harness & Lead


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If your cat is large, you most probably have encountered difficulties in getting a good harness for them. The large cats need a sturdy harness that will be able to restrain them safely and still allow them the comfort of moving around with ease.

This cat harness is the best deal for you not to mention the low price. It is effortless to adjust, and the plastics clips are firm which helps to make it sturdy and escape proof. The fitting is perfect, and it can comfortably fit cats of all sizes regardless of their weight.

This is the best cat harness if you recently relocated to a new place and you would like to take your cat out for the first time. The secure hold will ensure your cat does not escape and both of you will have a fun time exploring the new neighborhood.

However, be extra vigilant of your cat’s reactions.  Cats like humans too also need time to adjust to a new environment. Some cats may get frightened by the busy roads and hooting especially if you relocated from a place that was calm and relaxed. You should be patient with your cat and help them adapt to the new environment.

BINGPET Escape Proof Cat Harness

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Cat jackets are the best if you can afford them because most of them are quite expensive. This is one of the best cat harnesses in the market, and it is available in 3 different sizes. The simple black design will make sure your cat is looking sharp when out on its walk!

This cat harness is made with a soft mesh material that will ensure your cat doesn’t overheat when warm. It is comfortable, very easy to fit and adult cats will have an easy time using it. There is a strong stitching around the D- ring where the lead is attached, and this ensures your cat won’t be able to run away.

This cat harness is triple sewn for additional strength which helps secure your large cat. It is also machine washable, and it’s made of high-quality fabric that won’t shrink. With this cat jacket, you can comfortably take a stroll with your cat outside without any fear of them escaping.

Trixie XL Cat Harness with Leash

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Just as the name suggests, this cat harness is meant for large cats. It comes with a leash, and it’s made from good quality material to handle strong cats of up to 6kgs and above. The price is fair compared to other cat harnesses in the market, and it has enough room to make your cat comfortable.

It’s easy to adjust, and the snap buckles help to secure your cat firmly but safely. If your cat is not yet used to having a harness on, you can distract them by giving them some treats. You can then put the harness on as they munch on the treats. This lead harness is very easy to use compared to a jacket which may give you a hard time trying to get your cat in it.

PetSafe Come With Me, Kitty Harness

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For a cat harness, this safe pet brand is very brilliant. It comes with a bungee leash which is a huge plus since the bungee leash will prevent your cat from chocking, unlike the collar tags. Cats have a very soft neck; therefore any force used may injure the delicate throat.

The Pet safe cat harness focuses on the safety of your cat, and it works by restraining your cat’s shoulders, unlike the collar tags. It is made of an excellent high-quality material that ensures your cat is as comfortable as possible.

It is escape proof, and you can be rest assured your cat will not be able to reverse out of it no matter how cunning and stubborn they are. The price is on the lower side for such a genius product, but on the other hand, it is a good thing since most people will be able to afford it.

In conclusion

Cats quickly get bored and taking them out regularly for a walk is a good practice. It will be an excellent time to bond with your cat as they feed their curiosity on what else is outside the house. It is also a good way of exposing your cat to different environments and people.

If your cat is overweight, you can help them burn excess fat by taking them for a stroll regularly. This will be an excellent way to boost their metabolism, and they will be in excellent shape within a short period. You just need to buy a good cat harness, and you are good to go.

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