Best Cat Litter Mat

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: October 12, 2020

Coming across cat litter on clothing, carpeting, and furniture can be disgusting. The best cat litter mat will pull litter off your cat’s feet the moment they step out of the litter box.

A litter mat will prevent stray bits of litter that can overrun the areas around your cat’s litter tray. Litter that sticks to your feline’s paws is detached with magnetic-like speed before it spreads all over your house and furniture. In this guide, we’ve uncovered the best cat litter mats that help to reduce the spread of cat litter beyond your cats litter box or tray.

Our Top Rated Cat Litter Mat

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Best Cat Litter Mat

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Top Rated

This cat litter mat is our favourite of the lot. The large dimensions decrease the chances of cat litter spreading from your cats tray, and the simple but effective design makes it very easy to clean. Coming in pink, green or beige it can brighten up your cats litter area.

What to Look For When Choosing a Cat Litter Mat

As they delicately cover up their business, cats will get litter stuck on their paws. After they leave the litter tray, your cat usually does some self-grooming, licking paws and preening fur. The best cat litter mat catches any traces of litter that’s on your kitty’s paws before they jump onto the sofa for an extended nap.

  • The mats litter collection abilities
  • The type and quality of materials
  • Your cat’s reaction to the materials
  • The mat’s shape and size
  • Any cleaning or maintenance required
  • The water-sensitivity of the flooring underneath

Best Cat Litter Mat Reviews

Some of the consumer favourite cat litter mats in the UK market include;


This is an Extra Large cat litter mat that’s double layered to help collect litter stuck on your cats paws. Fully cleanable, the lower or catch area of the BlackHole Cat Litter Mat can be opened to pour out the trapped litter particles. This litter mat is fully waterproof and made from heavy-duty EVA foam that’s pet safe and nontoxic. What’s impressive about this litter mat is the puppy pad that can be slid in between the layers. This works to contain moisture for cats that tend to pee outside their litter trays.

Main Ingredients:

  • Extra-large dimensions of 76.2cm by 58.4cm
  • Can support one or two cats
  • Dual-layer, honeycombed bubble structure
  • Made from Heavy-duty EVA foam that’s waterproof
  • Pet friendly and nontoxic materials
  • Available in lime green, beige, and dark grey



2. PetFusion ToughGrip Large Cat Litter Mat


The PetFusion ToughGrip mat is made from FDA grade silicone for an anti-microbial, waterproof, quick to clean surface that discourages trapped mildew growth. This cat litter mat can be swept, vacuumed, or shaken to release litter back onto the tray. The large-sized mat retains any accidents that happen to spill out of the litter tray. Equipped with ToughGrip technology, this litter map doesn’t slide on even the most slippery tile or wood floors.

Main Ingredients:

  • Made from premium grade FDA silicone that’s anti-microbial, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and nontoxic
  • Forms a litter tray with grooves for containing cat litter
  • Flexible easy to clean options such as vacuuming, sponging, or broom cleaning litter remains.
  • A side spout allows pouring litter back into the litter tray
  • Large 67cm by 55cm dimensions that are effective in portrait orientation against litter tray
  • Super durable and easy on sensitive kitty paws



3. Trixie Cat Litter Tray Mat


This mat is made from durable PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride that’s suited to all types of cat litter situations. The Trixie Cat Litter Tray Mat helps to keep stray litter at bay with a rough texture that provides friction to remove stuck bits from your cat’s paws. It’s available in two sizes with anti-slip innovation on the back to keep it from moving away from the litter tray. If your cat is prone to accidents, the Trixie Cat Litter Tray Mat is machine washable for a hygienic environment. 

Main Ingredients:

  • Made from Polyvinyl chloride material that’s durable and effective to collect litter from paws
  • Has a non-slip base
  • Comes in a selection of sizes
  • Anthracite and grey colour choices
  • Large: 40cm x 60cm
  • Small: 37cm x 45cm



4. Asobeage Premium Cat Litter Mat


This is an extra-large option that’s double structured to contain litter within its layers. The Asobeage Premium Cat Litter Mat is easy to clean and maintain, with excellent features for trapping stray bits of litter. A spacious mat, the Asobeage Mat is water-resistant and non-slip. The mat has a honeycombed structural design that acts to hold even the smallest bits of litter. Its dual-layer design allows for the disposal of trapped litter for re-use back in the tray. 

Main Ingredients:

  • Extra-large and spacious
  • Can support a single or multiple cats
  • Dual-layered honeycomb design
  • Made from heavy-duty EVA foam in a honeycombed structure
  • Pet safe and nontoxic material
  • Waterproof and available in three colours
  • Measures 28cm x 61cm



5. Vivaglory Cat Litter Mat


This is an extra-large, waterproof litter tram mat that’s great for scatter control. Vivaglory’s model is made for durability, with PVC materials that won’t tear or rip easily. This cat litter map has a topical mesh and deep grooves for superior litter trapping. Your cat will love the Vivaglory Cat Litter Mat for its feel on their paws, and the under-grips help keep it anchored on slippery floors. Available in pink, grey, coffee, or beige colours, this litter mat is highly rated for its ability to reduce tracking.

Main Ingredients:

  • Large 90cm x 60cm size that covers an area where cats might leave a mess
  • Groove on edge for additional litter trapping functions 
  • Waterproof and easily cleanable
  • Non-slip back that prevents seepage of moisture onto the floor
  • Easily cleaned by vacuuming, rinsing, or shaking off litter bits back onto the tray
  • One year warranty that guarantees Vivaglory quality



Buyers Guide

When looking for the best cat litter mat, keep an eye out for the following things to make sure your purchase is just right for your feline friend.


The majority of cat litter mats are made from rubber, silicone, or PVC. These materials are easy to maintain and hygienically clean, as opposed to if they were made from wool or cotton. PVC, in particular, is made from minute strings of rubber, which acts to remove litter from sensitive paws due to small holes in its surface.

Silicone and rubber for the best cat litter mat have more prominent grooves or holes, making them good at trapping larger litter strays. These materials are easy to clean and will maintain a more hygienic litter tray surrounding.

It’s good to keep in mind that your cat may be picky about the surface they’ll be walking on after visiting the litter tray. Don’t be surprised to see them skipping over a PVC or silicone litter mat as though it were a puddle of water.

While others aren’t fussy at all, some cats may even avoid the litter tray altogether to avoid stepping on your selected mat. If you can, try to give them exposure to the materials ahead of time.

Litter Tray Contents

The cat litter mat materials that you chose will also be determined by the type of fill you’re using. With a mat made of loose or soft materials, a dusty litter like woodchip or clay will be trapped better.

With materials that have lots of fibre, such as biodegradable litters, these finer-grained particles can be retained. On the other hand, eco-friendly particle or silica gel materials don’t have threads or grooves sufficient to trap litter.

Mat Dimensions

Your mats size and dimensions will depend on where it’s to be placed in relation to your cat’s litter tray. You can have a tray sitting on top it, or placed it front of the tray where the cat exits.

Before buying the mat, measure the area you want to be covered, as well as the litter tray’s size. This will be helpful when finding the best cat litter mat that matches your cat’s needs.

Your cat’s litter habits also determine the size of your litter mat. Your cat litter mat may capture the immediate vicinity of your cat’s litter tray or stretch way out where your feline friend likes to scoop litter.

Waterproof Capabilities

Depending on your cat’s litter habits, your preferred cat litter mat might need to be waterproof. Your furry pet may have issues with on-tray urination and could choose to pee on the mat instead.

If this is the case for your little buddy, you can check out a waterproof mat instead. In fact, many dual-layered mats are good at repelling moisture.

If you have sensitive flooring and your cat keeps urinating on the mat, try placing some old newspapers or towels underneath the litter mat. You could also try using something more absorbent like puppy pads to give it an extra layer of protection before it reaches the floor. You can use a cat litter freshener to help eliminate any smell that this could be causing.

Your Pick of the Litter

Every cat parent is plagued with litter problems, whether your pet is litter tray trained or not. A cat will make kicking motions that seem more like they intend to cause a mess around their litter boxes, rather than just finishing their business. While you can’t stop everything, you can prevent them from dragging little pieces of their waste all over your nice, clean floors.

The items on this list are some of the best cat litter mat options available for loving cat owners. These will provide a simple solution for those unsightly, stray bits of litter. You can show your kitty how much you love them by helping to keep their environment clean and safe.

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