Clipping your cat’s claws is one of those procedures that most cat lovers don’t look forward to. It’s a straightforward procedure, but the tough part is getting your cat to relax and stay still. Cat claws need to be clipped for several reasons;

  1. Prevent broken nails; when cat claws are left to grow too long, they may break when the cat is playing, and this can be a harrowing experience for any cat.
  2. Long claws are uncomfortable for your cat to walk in since they tend to curl inwardly.
  3. Cats love to scratch, and the long claws will damage your seats and carpet,
  4. Long cat claws are dangerous to kids, and the last thing you want is your kids to end up with scratch marks and injuries from playing with the cats.

Cat nail clippers have simplified the art of cutting cat claws. You don’t have to go to the vet and pay exorbitant amounts to have your cats nails clipped. You can quickly do it in the comfort of your home.

These are the best

This article will highlight the best cat nail clippers on the market that will be purrfect for your cat.

Ancol Ergo Nail Clipper


This nail clipper for cats is the bestselling in the market, and the most appealing part is that it is very cheap. They might as well as give it out for free. It is made of excellent quality materials with the blades being stainless steel and very sharp.

The handles are made of rubber to allow for a firm grip, and they have enough room for your fingers to fit comfortably. If it is your first time cutting your cats claws, it is advisable to read the manual thoroughly. It will give you all the detailed instructions on how to use this nail clipper.

This will make sure you don’t injure your cat, and the good thing with the sharp blades is that they give a precise and neat cut. Therefore, cutting your cats claws won’t be an uphill task.

Mikki Grooming Claw Diper


The best age to start clipping your cat’s nails is when they are still young. This will help familiarize your cat with the procedure so that each time they see the nail clipper, they don’t freak out.  This nail clipper for cats is ideal for kittens as young as three months.

It is affordable and easy to use. You can see the full view of the cat’s claws as you cut which helps prevent any accidents from happening. The blades are sharp, they cut quickly, and they do not cause any splintering.

Mikki Nail Clipper for Cats & Dogs


Cat nail clippers are a must if your cat hates going to the vet and this nail clipper will ensure your small pets have short pleasant claws. It is not expensive, and the blades are very sharp which shortens the clipping process.

Cats do not like being uncomfortable at all, and before your cats get used to the whole idea of getting their nails clipped, you will have to be extremely patient with them.

The handles of the nail clipper are lined with rubber to give you a firm grip, and this will prevent the clipper from slipping and injuring your cat. The size of the handle is also large enough to fit your fingers well.

Harzara Professional Nail Clippers


One of the challenges when it comes to cat nail clippers is finding one that is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. This is what makes this particular nail clipper to stand out from the rest.

It is pocket-friendly, it’s made of good quality, and it comes with a bonus storage bag which allows you to store the clipper well after use.

The stainless steel blades are thick and sharp which simplify the clipping process. In addition to that, the blades are very sturdy, and the large finger holes will help you have an excellent grip. With this cat clipper, you are guaranteed value for your money.

Cat Nail Clippers Trimmer


This unique nail clipper for cats has semi-circular blades that are angled for easier clipping. They give a more precise and neat cut to your cat’s claws.  It is ideal for small birds, rabbits, and dogs too and the handle is slip proof making it safe for your pets.

This cat nail clipper is very light weight, and the handles are lined with rubber to prevent it from slipping. The stainless steel improves the quality of the blades by preventing them from getting any rust in case they come into contact with water. A single pair of this nail clipper has the potential to last for several years as long as it is well taken care of.

However, you should make sure the blades are still sharp to prevent hurting your cat. Blunt blades don’t work as efficiently as sharp blades, and you will have a rough time clipping the nails not to mention how uncomfortable your cats will be.

Bottom Line

Clipping your cat’s nails can be an exciting time to bond with your cat and it all depends on how well you prepare your cat for the clipping process. It is advisable to relax your cat first and make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Never try to clip your cat’s nails when they are agitated or anxious, it will only make it worse.

Make it a habit to regularly clip your cat’s nails. It will familiarise them with the process so that they won’t freak out at all. If you have kittens, take time to clip their nails too. Don’t wait until they are large cats so you can start cutting their claws.

Read all the instructions on how to use the nail clipper. You need to have a rough idea of how the clipper works even before using it on your cat. Make sure the blades are sharp to allow you to clip the nails quickly and the handles should be firm. If something does not feel right, don’t go ahead with the clipping process.

You would rather buy another clipper that you are comfortable using. Once you master how the simple nail tool works, it will be a lot easier to position the blades at the right angle, and that will facilitate a smooth nail clipping process.