Dealing with odor from cat urine is a problem that most cat owners encounter. Cats are naturally disciplined pets but once in why they will forget or fail to use the litter box and decide to pee on your carpet.

Every cat owner should have an Odor and stain remover in the house at all times. They help a lot to combat the strong smell of cat urine, and they also prevent permanent stains from forming on your carpet or linen.

Some tips for odor control

There are several tips in addition to using the stain removers that will help your house smell fresh at all times. Some of the recommendations include;

Retraining your cat on how to use the litter box, and it should always be clean. A dirty litter box will prompt them to urinate at a different place.

If you have several cats, make sure you have several litter boxes in different parts of the house. This will prevent them from peeing all over the house.

Avoid steam cleaners when cleaning the carpet. The warm moisture helps the stain to cling more firmly to the carpet fabric making it permanent instead of removing it.

Monitor your cats urinating frequency. If they are peeing a lot, the may be suffering from anxiety or a urinary tract infection that will require medical help.

Clean the urine as soon as you notice it. This will prevent permanent stains from forming, and it also helps clear the strong urine odor. You can blot the carpet using adsorbent paper then sprinkle sodium bicarbonate after removing the paper towel. Sodium bicarbonate is well known for getting rid of strong odors.

Let’s look at the best solutions

Some of the best cat odor and stain removers in the market include:

Urine Off Cat & Kitten


This cat urine remover is specially formulated to break down the cat’s concentrated urine which is due to the high protein foods that cats eat. It is quite expensive but worth it. Cats are known to love marking territories and urinating on a particular area is how they do it.

This can become a problem if your cat keeps going back to the same spot since this can damage your carpet. This cat odor and stain remover helps to remove the cat markers, and it will leave your carpet and linen with a delightful smell.

The instructions are very easy to read and follow, and the size is also commendable. 3.5 Liters will last you a while before you purchase another one.

Multi-Purpose Deodorizer, Sanitizer, Cleaner & Urine Neutralizer


If you have several pets, this is the best cat odor and stain remover for you. It can be used for cat urine, dog urine and vomit too. Outdoor pets love trying out different things when they step out, and at times they end up ingesting things that don’t sit well with their stomachs causing them to vomit.

This cat stain remover neutralizes all the foul odors, and in addition to that, it kills harmful bacteria on the surface of carpets. It is affordable and has a fantastic smell that will mask even the most concentrated dog urine.

It comes in a 5-liter size which is quite economical and previous clients who have used it ended up liking it a lot. The multipurpose effect is what makes it a favorite among many people. It cleans your carpet, neutralizes the urine, sanitizes the surface by killing bacteria then it acts as a deodorizer leaving your house with a heavenly scent.

Ideal 365 Carpet Odor Urine Foul Odor Remover


There are certain times that your beloved cat will not use their litter box as they should and you will find cat poop on your carpet. What do you do in such a case?

You just use this cat odor and stain remover. It is specially formulated to take care of urine, feces and vomit smell from your beddings, clothes, and carpet.

It is affordable, and the best part is, you can mix it with your favorite carpet cleaner and use it in the extraction machine. This will leave your carpet looking as good as new with no traces of urine, vomit or cat poop anywhere.

The 5-liter size will serve you for a long time, and the lovely lemon smell will leave your home smelling fresh at all times.

Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover


This stain remover is one of the best in the market. It is ridiculously cheap and very easy to use since it comes in a spray bottle. It is ideal for old stubborn stains that won’t budge even after several attempts of trying to remove them.

The compounds used to make this cat urine remover are very strong but safe at the same time. However, ensure you keep all cleaning detergents away from kids as a precautionary measure. They may be tempted to drink it out of curiosity and end up with complications since the products are not meant for ingesting.

It works exceptionally well when it comes to removing strong odors, and it will replace the foul smell with a pleasant scent. If you are strap for cash and you need a cat odor and stain remover that will work well, go for this product.

Beaphor Spray Away Plus


One of the downfalls when it comes to most cat odor and stain removers is the discoloration they cause on the carpets and linen. The beaphor spray away plus urine remover does not discolor fabrics at all.

It is very cheap, and on top of removing odors and urine stains, it can also remove blood stains. In case you have a small accident in the house and blood pours on your carpet, fear not. This brilliant stain remover will ensure there are no traces of blood left on your carpet.

Previous clients who used it liked it a lot, and the 400ml size is a good deal considering the cheap price.

Professional Urine Neutralizer


Cats are interesting animals. They always want to mark their territory in your house regardless of the fact that they don’t contribute to the rent or any mortgage payments. The strong urine smell on your carpet is the best indication of their territory.

This cat odor and stain remover will help you get rid of the sharp urine odor, and it is very affordable. It will completely get rid of the urine smell leaving your home with a sweet bubble gum smell.

You should be very careful when using it since it is irritating to the eyes. If you are not a fan of strong scents, you will find it very overpowering therefore you should only use a small amount to clean your carpet. The size is also commendable, and it should last you several months.

Earth-Friendly Pet Stain & Odor


This cat odor and stain remover has quickly become popular among many cat lovers. It is made from natural products, and you can safely use it around your pets since it is free from strong chemicals such as ammonia and formaldehyde.

It has a sweet smell of lemon essential oil, and it can also be used to remove coffee and wine stains too. You don’t need to dilute it, and you can use it directly from the container. It comes in a 500ml spray bottle that is easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about your carpet getting discolored after using it.

In conclusion

Cat odor and stain removers are a must have for every cat owners home. Cats will remain to be cats, and at times they will soil your carpet and linens. You can’t punish them for it, but you can purchase the stain removers to protect your fabrics and ensure your home smells fresh throughout the day.