Best Cat Water Fountain

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: November 5, 2018
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In this guide

Have you noticed that your cat seems to prefer drinking water from the toilet or a running tap; rather than the bowl of water, you leave out for him or her? Although this may seem a little odd, it is actually because cats prefer to drink fresh, moving water. Moving water is more oxygenated and as a result tastes better.

While cats are not as fond as drinking water as dogs, they still need water in their diet. Which is why, it is a good idea to invest in one of the best cat water fountains on the market, rather than letting your cat get his or her daily water intake from the toilet.

If you are not sure what to look for in a cat water fountain though, we are here to help. At Just Fur Cats we have put together a list of our favourite cat fountains. To coincide with that list we have also created a buying guide with lots of tips and advice regarding what you should be looking for in a cat water fountain and how to get the best out of using one.

Best Cat Water Fountains

Pet Mate Cat Mate Fresh Water Drinking Fountain For Cats


The first water fountain for cats on our list is manufactured by the popular and reputable company, Pet Mate. You will find that we often highlight or speak about Pet Mate and particularly Cat Mate products because these brands are known for producing high-quality cat-related products at reasonable prices.

The cat mate drinking fountain is no different. It is fully adjustable for a number of different drinking heights to suit the size of your cat and includes an isolated pump that ensures the fountain will not be a disruption due to it being incredibly quiet.

It’s easy to set-up as you just fill the bottom water bowl to maximum and it features a polymer/activated carbon filter cartridge to ensure the water your pet drinks is always odourless and completely fresh and clean.

Catit Original Flower Fountain 3 Litre Water Fountain for Cats


Catit is another well respected, globally active manufacturer of cat products. They are a trusted brand known for their well-conceived designs and robust products.

If your cat is picky, you might want to give the Catit model a try because it has 3 different water flow settings to choose from. So you can have the fountain set to calm stream, bubbling top or just gentle flow to work out which works best with your cat. With an attractive themed look and a 3-litre capacity, this could be ideal for your furry friend.

HoneyGuaridan W18 Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain


Toplifez is the manufacturer and supplier of HoneyGuaridan a pet product line that includes this great fountain. As they state that they are interested and passionate about producing ingenious and practical solutions to everyday needs for pets, the most fascinating selling point of this fountain is the fact it features a sensor-activated, smart setting.

This means that as soon as your cat or cats get within 1.5r metres of the fountain, it will automatically start 2 minutes of water circulation. If this does not suit, there are also 2 other settings, a continuous working mode that never stops circulating the water and intermittent mode that provides 1 hour of constant water circulation and then automatically switches off for 30 minutes.

With a standard carbon filter and the fact it is easy to assemble, use and clean – you have a real bargain for the price.

Lazy Bones Fresh Water Drinking Fountain


Lazy Bones are a popular brand of pet products and this water fountain would be the nice addition to your home if you are looking for an easy to use and inexpensive water fountain to encourage your cat to drink more. As is standard, it features a filter to keep the water completely clean and free from odours or debris and the pump system is very quiet so the water circulation will not disrupt your home life.

With a 2 litre capacity and choice of different levels for different sized cats, this is a great choice.

There you have it, our choice of the best cat water fountains available. To help you find the right water fountain for your cat further, we’ve included the following buying guide.

Buying Guide And Tips For Using Cat Water Fountains

A key point noted above is the fact that you need to choose the right fountain for your cat. No two cats are the same and you will know best what your cat likes and doesn’t like. Reviews are helpful when making a decision but always base it on your cat’s personality and drinking habits.

Materials Used

The materials used in the construction of a water fountain plays a big role in how clean and fresh the water is or not. Most water fountains are generally made from either ceramic, metal or plastic.

Ceramic and metal are regarded as the better choices because these materials do not impart flavours or odours into the water. However, we understand that plastic products tend to be more affordable.

You need to be careful with plastic because as it ages, it will get damaged which makes it harder to keep it completely clean. Besides this point, you also need to ensure that any plastic product you buy does not include BPA, which is a chemical normally used in the manufacture of plastic that can contaminate food and liquids if they are stored in products containing BPA.

Keeping The Water Fountain Clean

A water fountain is only as effective in relation to how clean it is. Therefore, you need to make sure that you disassemble and clean a water fountain regularly. This means that you need to give special consideration to how easy or difficult a particular model is to clean out. It should come with some kind of filtration system, which normally relies on replaceable cartridges.

How Often You Should Clean It

How often you need to clean your cat water fountain depends on how many cats use the same fountain. If only 1 cat is using your fountain, cleaning it once a week will suffice.

However, if you have more cats, you should clean it more regularly – at least twice a week – and should even consider investing in additional fountains.

Encouraging Your Cat To Use A Water Fountain

If you have recently bought a water fountain for the first time or for a new cat, your cat may not be familiar with the concept. Although patience is the main key, there are a number of things you could try to help entice your cat to the new fountain:

  • Placement – Place the cat water fountain at a distance away from their litter trays and food bowls. This is important as cats tend to like water sources that are not tainted by waste products or food. You should also be careful not to place it close to fires or radiators as this can affect the temperature of the water and make it unpalatable.
  • Provide Other Sources Of Water – As it can take some time for a cat to adjust to using a new fountain, you should make sure there are other sources of water available to keep your hat hydrated.
  • Introduction – Before you start the fountain, let your cat get used to it with just still water. Curiosity will make him or her want to drink from it and just keep it like that for the first few days.
  • First Time – Once you are sure your cat is more comfortable with their new water fountain, start by switching it on for a couple of hours, once or twice a week. This enables your cat to get comfortable with the noise and circulation of the fountain. In the beginning, it is also recommended that you reward your cat for drinking from the fountain with a treat, to reinforce that the fountain is a good thing.

Generally speaking, it only takes a few weeks for most cats to feel comfortable with a fountain, but remember that cats are all unique and if it takes longer for your cat to adjust – this is not a bad thing,

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