5 Best Fresh Water Drinking Fountains for Cats in UK

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: January 26, 2018
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In this guide

Hydration is essential to any living creature, and it’s advisable for us humans to drink water every single day. Coincidentally, the same principle applies to cats too. Some of the key reasons why your cat(s) should stay hydrated include;

  • Prevent urinary stones from developing which will lead to a blocked urethra,
  • Water keeps constipation at bay and boosts your cat’s digestive system,
  • Constant water intake results in healthy kidneys, therefore, preventing Urinary tract infections,
  • Water helps to flush out any toxins from your cat’s system ensuring it stays healthy at all times,
  • Regular water intake boosts your cat’s metabolism, and as a result, your cat will be able to burn fats faster ensuring it remains fit and does not become obese.

There are several ways to ensure your cat stays hydrated and one of the best methods is, buying a water fountain for them. Cats are inquisitive animals, and the artificial springs have been found to intrigue them a lot. There are numerous brands of water fonts in the market but, this article will focus on the top 5 fountains to help your cat stay hydrated throughout the day.

Let’s look at our top five

1. Cat Mate

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This brand had to be number one on the list since it is the best-selling water reservoir for cats in the market. It is quite affordable and not only can it be used for cats, small dogs and parrots can also use it. If you are a lover of pets, this is the best fountain for you.

What makes the cat mate stand out from the rest of the fonts is its design. It comprises of 3 different holding areas which fascinate the cats a lot. They can drink from whichever holding area like and the beauty is the holding areas are differently elevated. This design ensures there is adequate circulation and aeration of the water at all times.

Cat Mate is very durable and some clients who have used it in the past for close to six years gave it positive reviews. This artificial spring has an isolated pump which makes it produce very minimal sound and in case of any noise, just check on the water level. High chances are you need to refill it. Once you top up the water, the sound will go away.

You also don’t have to worry about splashing when the cats are drinking. Kittens are very playful, and the ramp minimizes the water from splashing on your carpet regardless of how playful your cat is. Some cats also love washing their tiny paws on the lower holding area.

Ensure you regularly change the water to prevent your cats from getting infected from drinking contaminated water. In spite of that, this fountain has quality filters that purify the water and ensures it stays safe for consumption. This spout is very easy to assemble, and the power cord is detachable making it very easy to wash.

2. Pet Safe Drink Well

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If your cat loves drinking running water, this is the best fountain for you. It comes in a 5-liter capacity, and it is very easy to refill since the reservoir is detachable. The 5-liter size also ensures you don’t have to keep refilling all the time. However, be checking on it from time to time to ensure your cats are drinking clean water free from any contamination.

The pet safe drink well has two drinking areas; the large water bowl and a flowing stream. Your cat will have both options to choose from since some cats can be very picky and the waterfall experience works best for fussy cats.

This drinking well is dishwasher safe, and the dishwasher helps to remove any hard water gunk accumulation. In addition to that, the pump is very silent, and it is hard to notice that you have a cat fountain in the house.

3. Catit Original Flower fountain

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This brand is one of the most attractive water reservoirs in the market. The creativity and color combination is just stunning, and every cat will be drawn to drink from this spring. The best part is you can use it for dogs too. In case you have both pets in the house (yes, some cats do co-exist with dogs) this will be the best option for you. You can kill two birds with one stone.

Most cats are attracted to the lovely flower at the center of the spring, and they are amazed by how streams of water flow from the little petals. Other than the unique design, another feature that makes the Catit model a favorite among many cat lovers is, it has durable and robust filters.

It purifies and softens hard tap water ensuring your cat gets a continuous supply of clean water. In addition to that, there is a pre-filter for trapping any cat hairs, grass or debris from damaging the motor in the pump.

This artificial spring is very quiet, and you can barely notice it, and on top of that, it is economical. It is designed in a way that it uses very low voltage. You can be guaranteed that you will not see any significant change in your power bills despite the fountain being on at all times. It comes in the 3-liter capacity; therefore you will not need to refill it regularly.

4. Dadypet Pet Water Fountain

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If you love traveling to different places with your cat, this is the best brand of the water fountain for you. It comes in a 2 litre size making it portable. There are three different designs for water flow, and you can be alternating between the three streams to keep your cat glued to the fount.

Cats are brilliant animals, and they get bored very fast. Alternating the water flows will trick them into thinking it’s a new water fount each time they come to sip some water. This brand is one of the best for fussy cats who hate drinking water.

The pump is very silent, and it is also economical on power consumption. It is easy to assemble and the manual is also self-explanatory. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to assemble it and figure out how it works.

In addition to having three different designs of water flow, there are also three layers of filters. These filters ensure that any chlorine, funny smell, fur or grass is trapped and removed from the circulating water. You can be rest assured that your cats are drinking clean water.

5. Cat Fresh Water


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This is a unique brand for freshwater reservoirs. It comes with an additional calcium block which helps maintain the cats’ healthy teeth and gums. It comes in a 2-liter size, and it is dishwasher friendly.

The cat fresh water brand has maximized on the bonus gifts, and you will also get an additional filter pack which contains a sponge pack with activated carbon. There are multilevel drinking bowls, and it is up to your cat to decide which one suits them

The pump is also extremely quiet, and it helps to circulate the water ensuring there is no water stagnation. Stagnation can easily lead to bacteria build up and may contaminate the water. With this brand, you can be sure you are getting value for your money.

Let’s sip it up

In conclusion, the key features to look out for when purchasing any water fountain is;

  1. The quality of the product (ceramics are the best since there is no leaching of materials into the water),
  2. Attractiveness,
  3. Size of the fount and
  4. The type of filters used.

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