10 Best Gifts for Siamese Cat Owners

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: February 15, 2018
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In this guide

Coming up with the perfect gift for someone can be an uphill task, but most of the cat owners will cherish any gift that reminds them of their beloved cat. Siamese cats are fun-loving cats, and they are more of extroverts. They also like getting a lot of attention from their owners, and if they are neglected for too long, they might slip into depression.

However, this does not mean that the Siamese owner’s character resembles that of the cats. When you are out shopping for a gift, you will have to put into consideration whether it’s meant for the cat or the cat owner.

That factor will help you choose the best gift for them. You can also decide to buy gifts for their kids as long as they are also cat lovers. The Siamese owner will appreciate the time and effort you put to come up with an excellent gift.

This article will highlight some of the most thoughtful gifts to buy for a Siamese cat owner

1. Royal Canin Dry Cat Food Siamese


Cats need food to survive and what better way to gift a Siamese owner than to buy their treasured cat a packet of food? The cat owner will save some cash, and you can be sure they will appreciate this gift.

It is affordable and recommended for cats above one year. So make sure you inquire the cat’s age first from the owner. This chicken flavor has a pleasant meaty smell that attracts the cats to it, and this food also boosts their digestive system health.

As if that is not enough, the crunchy chicken biscuits will strengthen the cat’s teeth and also take care of any bad breath present. The cat’s overall health will improve in addition to developing a soft, shiny coat.

2. Cats in the Belfry


Siamese cat gifts come in various forms, and this book is an excellent read for any Siamese owner. The book is entertaining and enlightening at the same time. It’s the perfect gift for a first time Siamese cat owner, and it will help them learn different characters and attributes of the Siamese cat.

Knowledge is power, and this book will help them to relate better with their feline friend. It is also an excellent gift for a cat owner who travels a lot. They can easily carry the book with them, and the best part is that the book is available in different series. It’s an ideal birthday gift and a Christmas gift too.

3. Siamese Cat Close Up Case Cover


This gift is convenient since the Siamese owner will be able to use it and at the same time be reminded of their cat. It is ideal for Apple iPad Mini & iPad Mini Retina. Genuine leather is the material used to make it therefore, the quality is not compromised.

The price is reasonable for such a handy gift, and the Siamese images are lively and look natural. They do not seem stretched and the resolution used is okay. This cover case will help protect the iPad from scratches, and the stand future will help the cat owners to use the iPad effectively.

4. Cats in May by Doreen May


If you are looking for the best gift for a Siamese cat owner who also has a passion for books, this is the best choice for you. This fascinating book will be an excellent addition to their collection.

It is affordable, very enlightening and it is a classic book that can be re-gifted to another person in future. Most of the cat lovers who have read Doreen May books ended up liking them a lot and even recommended them to other readers. Some also went a step further to buy a Siamese cat.

With this book, you can be sure the Siamese owner will appreciate it. However, there are several series of Doreen May’s books. Make a point of enquiring first if they have already read the book before you buy a similar one.

5. Funny Fridge Magnet


The beauty of buying gifts is that it doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to purchase a gift for someone. A fridge magnet is one of those cheap but valuable gifts that you can buy for a loved one at any time, and they will still appreciate it.

This fridge magnet has a creative Siamese image and writings that will make any cat lover cheer up. It’s a simple gift that you can surprise your workmate with and the glossy finishing gives it an elegant look.

The fridge magnet can also be placed on another surface as long as it can stick well and won’t fall off. It can be attached to the front corner of the TV, the bathroom mirror or even the mirror on the dressing table.

6. Little Paws – Slinky the Siamese Cat


Most cat lovers like cute cat paraphernalia, and this is an excellent Siamese cat gift to add to their collection. It’s affordable, and you can have it engraved with the Siamese owners name at a small extra fee to make it the perfect birthday gift.

Slinky, the Siamese cat, is an adorable gift that can be placed in the car or on the office desk. It is made of suitable material making it very sturdy, and it’s very lightweight. They can travel with it as a reminder instead of going with the actual cat.

7. Siamese Badge Pin/ Brooch


A brooch is a perfect way to raise awareness of the Siamese cat. It can be pinned on a bag, hat, coat, tie, etc. The silver color is an excellent choice, and it’s not too vibrant. This badge pin is a simple way to show their affection for the Siamese cats even at the office.

This unique jewelry comes in a lovely gift box, and it is an excellent gift for a Siamese owner who is regularly traveling, and they can’t carry their cat with them. The price is fair, and you can be sure the cat owner will cherish this simple gift. You don’t have to buy an extravagant present for it to be appreciated. The simple gestures also go a long way.

8. My Pedigree Pals Figurine in Money Box Tin – Siamese Cat


This is a brilliant gift to buy for a kid who loves Siamese cats. A money box tin is an excellent way of teaching kids the role of money and introducing them to the saving culture. The best way to instill essential values in kids is by introducing them at an early age.

This is a perfect Christmas gift, and it’s not expensive. You can also encourage the kids to team up and save for a worthy cause such as buying food for the homeless cats or donating the money to a nearby cat shelter.

The money box is made of good quality material, therefore, it will last a while before it can be replaced. It is attractive and well decorated, and the kids will have a fun time using it.

9. Siamese Cat Design Novelty Socks


Socks are a convenient gift due to the changing weather seasons. They will definitely come in handy during the winter season, and they will be an excellent way for the Siamese owner to remember their cat.

Men can also wear them to the work since their long trousers will cover them and no one will notice they are wearing Siamese cat socks.

These socks are cheap, and the cat images on them make them more attractive compared to the dull grey color. They are made of pure cotton with some bits of nylon and elastin. They are good for keeping the feet dry and free from blisters.

The best part of these socks is that they are machine washable, therefore, won’t fade or lose their elasticity as long as they are washed under the correct machine settings.

10. GUND Grumpy Cat Plush Toy


Who doesn’t like a grumpy cat? This is an excellent Christmas present for your wife or kids. It made of silky soft material, and the size is great for cuddling. It is very stable and can be placed in the living room to brighten the room.

The quality is excellent, and most people who bought it liked it a lot. You can hand wash it with soft detergents that won’t tamper with its original color. The grumpy cat is an affordable gift that you won’t need to break a bank to buy it. This will be a lovely gift for anyone who loves collecting different stuffed animals for their house.

In conclusion

Most cat owners will embrace any gift meant for their cat or related to their cat. It shows you took time to go through different presents and the best part is they will feel like you understand their affection for cats.

In case you are strap for cash, you can always go for simple gifts such as a small ball that the cats will enjoy playing with. If money is not an issue, you can buy expensive gifts like a cat house or delicious cat treats that will make them look forward to every meal time.

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