We all know that cats need mental stimulation to keep them happy and psychologically balanced. One excellent way to keep your cats contented is to provide them with cat toys. When you provide your kitties with the best interactive cat toys you will find they are more content, less destructive and generally happier cats. But which toys to choose from?

Keep yourself up to date with the latest cat toys right here, as we review the best interactive cat toys for your fur-baby.

1. Three Layer Pet Toy Intelligence Crazy Play Tray


Cats have a natural instinct to chase things and this toy really triggers that urge to play. The toy consists of three circular tubes; large, medium and small, one on top of the other. The tubes are open and there are ping pong size balls in each tube. Your cat pats the ball and sends it spinning around the tube, appearing and disappearing. Where has it gone? Your cat will be wondering and searching the toy for the ball. It whizzes along quickly and your cat will need to be fast to chase it. There are balls on each level so cats can share the toy with their cat-buddies, or just tap the ball on the bottom layer when they are lying down, and use the top layers when they are sitting.

This is a fun toy for kittens especially and can keep your cats busy for hours. It makes quite a rattle so you might need to keep it out of their way at night time so you can sleep. It is excellent for when you are out at work to keep them occupied and stop them getting bored.

One suggestion is that you tap over the hole in the centre of the toy if your cat is the sort to stick their heads in things. You don’t want it getting stuck on your cats head! Some people find putting two pieces of sellotape in an X-shape over the hole is enough to deter curious cats. If you want to find more information on this toy, why not click the link and read more reviews from happy cat owners.

2. Catit Senses Play Tube


This is a wonderful toy for your cats. It will involve more movement from your cat than the previous toy although it works in a similar way. It consists of a tube which has covered and uncovered sections so your kitty can pat the ball through the tube. The tube undulates and it is 24.4 cm long so you will need a bit of space in your living room or kitchen for your cats or kittens to play with this.

Your cat will enjoy watching the ball rush around the tube and some cats enjoy it when the ball bounces back at them. These are things that stimulate a cat and prevent boredom. They will try to pounce on the ball and catch it, they love the sound of it whizzing down the tube. This is something that your cat will want to play with, again and again, they never seem to get bored with this because it triggers their prey drive.

The toy comes apart for you to put it away easily and because it has four sections and two endpoints, you can make different shapes with it. It comes from Catit who produce many different cat toys that interlock, opening up a whole variety of combinations for your cat. It’s sure to keep them entertained and amused while you are busy at work or away from home.

It comes with grey and green balls which are acceptable but you might like to look for the red flashy light which is available with other Catit products, it just adds another dimension to the toy that your cats might appreciate.

3. Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board


This is a well built and robust cat toy with interactive toys on a square board. It has rubber feet so it’s a practical toy for the kitchen. You can add treats of all sorts because you can put this cat activity board through the dishwasher, ensuring it is really clean.

The board consists of four different paths or activities for your cat to play with, you can put treats in and your cat will have to work out how to get the treats through the paths and into their mouths. The four clear bowls look like fish tanks and they are great for your cat to scoop treats out of. The other

pegs and runways need your cat to work out how to get the treat through the maze to get to them.

This is well built so it is ideal for bigger, sturdier cats. Although the rubber feet keep this fairly steady, if your cat is particularly strong he might be able to move it.

The bowls click out of the tray so they are easy to clean separately.

This is a fabulous way to slow down a cat that bolts their food. A greedy cat that eats too fast will have to slow down because they need to actually “catch” their food before they devour it. It is great for mental stimulation and it helps them stay entertained. Cats like puzzles and food, so when you put the two together it is a real winner for most cats.

4. Mixse Pop Open Mouse Hunt


This toy is lightweight but robust, it pops open like a pop-up tent. It contains a plastic ball and a mouse toy with a bell in it. Your kitten will enjoy bouncing on the tent and will love the crinkly sound it makes, and then your cat will put their paws in the holes to bat the ball and the mouse around, encouraging them to jump and play.

It’s a well-made toy that can withstand a fair amount of bashing about, it is washable too, so no worries if it gets a bit smelly. Some cats like to sit on it or even use it as a bed. Be warned, if your cat gets a bit possessive, then this is going to be something that you may need to get more than one of. Cats love to bat the toys around, to jump and pounce on them, and not let any other cat get a look in.

While this is a simple toy it has really brought out the prey instinct in quite a few cats, so if your cat is getting a bit lazy and not interested in much this could be the toy for them.

5. Cat Toys Automatic Rolling Ball – Interactive Entertainment


This is a little toy, a ball with a light in it. It rolls around the floor and bumps into things, then it changes direction. There are two toys for the top of the ball, a shiny pom-pom or a feather toy. You can either have them on or off the ball.

The ball comes with two sets of batteries which is as well because it takes plenty of energy for it to keep on going and you will need the second set. The light is not super bright but cats like to watch the ball roll along and pounce and jump on it.

It works really well on laminate flooring although some people have found it is a bit noisy. It is effective on thin carpet but users have found it doesn’t roll well on really thick carpet.

6. Catit Sense Food Maze


If you have a cat that bolts down his or her food and then vomits or just gets a sore tummy, then this could be the answer to your problem. No-one wants to continually clean up cat sick, and it’s such a worry when your cat is ill that this is just a real solution to a real problem.

It consists of a three-layer maze for dry food to be pushed down until it reaches the tray at the bottom. It means cats can smell the food but need to actually do something in order to be rewarded with some dinner. Cats won’t wait until they have all the food down at the bottom to eat it all at once, so they are forced to eat it a bit at a time. This really helps with their digestion.

Not only that, this is better for your cat psychologically. They get rewarded for their actions which is the way it works in nature, animals have to actually do something to get their dinner. Indoor cats, in particular, can get very lazy about their food, training their humans not just to put the food in front of them, but also getting their humans to worry about them when it isn’t quite to their liking.

Humans, get yourself together and get your cat to be a cat again. Here is the answer to lazy imperious cats who demand food and then sick it up again. When they eat a little at a time their tummies have time to digest the food before they are over-stuffed and be sick.  Cats love to watch the food drop down after they have pushed it over.

Also, this food maze combines with other toys in the Catit range, your cat will enjoy every one of them.

7. Interactive Flutter Bug Cat Toy


This cat toy has a base with a wire, with a butterfly attached to it. The wire spins pretty fast, but users have found if you bend the wire down so it’s curved, the butterfly flies at a more realistic speed and cats just love it.

This sort of toy is perfect as a stimulus for a cat prey drive and it is perfect practice for catching prey outdoors. Kittens love it and it can be a great way to give overweight cats a bit of exercise; the temptation of a fluttering butterfly to catch and play with just too much. Cats have to dive at it and have a play.

Some cat owners have found their cats are strong enough to pull the whole toy around, but this seems rare. Most cats love it and owners find they need to replace the butterfly quite quickly. Fortunately, the set comes with four butterflies and more are available.