Cats are naturally playful animals, and their curious nature also contributes to it. They rarely sit still for more than an hour and when they do it either they are sick or asleep. Toys are a great way to keep the cats active, and this helps them to stay fit since it boosts their metabolism.

Therefore, they can burn fat and any additional weight which will help them to stay healthy. This article will focus on some of the best interactive toys for cats in the market. Cats are brilliant animals, and that is why they need interactive toys.

The best interactive cat toys listed!

An ordinary ball will not fascinate a cat for long and they will soon get bored. This article will compile a list of different interactive toys you can purchase for your cats to keep them occupied.

Amazing Cat Roller Toys By Easyology Pets


This toy is meant for kittens as it aims at enhancing their mental growth as well as physical fitness too from a young age. It comprises 3 level power balls and track toys. It is made of heavy duty material which promotes its durability, and it is very lightweight. It is one of the safest toys since there is no risk of choking involved.

This toy is one of the most affordable gadgets in the market, so you have no excuse for not buying one for your cat. It comes in two colors; either black or white and the balls have different colors too.

If you have a picky cat that rarely gets fascinated by anything, this is the best toy for you. The different color combination and the movement of the balls will keep them glued to the toy.

Catit Senses Super Circuit


This play and wave circuit is very affordable, easy to assemble and weighs only 1.06kgs. You can manipulate different layers of the circuit to come up with different shapes that will keep your curious cat intrigued at all times.

Cats love playing with the balls inside the circuit, and you can also purchase for them extra balls that are illuminated to ensure your cats are kept busy.

You can buy a different number of circuits depending on the size of your cat. If you have a kitten, you probably won’t need a big circuit, but if you have an adult cat, you can buy two circuits and combine them to form a large circuit. It is very durable and safe too.

Butterfly Pet Cat Tent


This toy is one of the most innovative gadgets in the market. It resembles a child’s play area. It is beautiful and the leopard print makes it more unique for a toy. It comes with removable playing mouse and bells and balls attached.

It is ideal for all cat ages, and you can assure your cats will get many hours of fun. Despite that, it is a good toy, and it is ridiculously cheap. The mat is also comfortable since it’s padded and your cats can have a nap after they are done playing.

Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board


This 5 in 1 fun board is a genius idea. It comprises of five different activities aimed at developing your cats’ senses and skills. For example, the global module mimics a fish where your cat has to learn to how fish out the treat using its paws.

These clever puzzles will improve your cats’ mental skills, and it is definitely worth the money. It also acts as a treat dispenser, and it is suitable for all ages.

If you have a cat that is a fussy eater but they love to play with the board, you can substitute the treats with dry cat food then sprinkle some treats on top to lure the cat. In the end, it will be a win-win situation. Your cat will end up eating their food as they continue playing and everyone will be happy.

Pet Intelligent Toy PYRUS


This eco-friendly toy is meant for small and medium-sized cats. It is excellent for eliminating loneliness and depression as it keeps your pet active at all times. It also acts as a treat dispenser and can also be used as a feeding bowl. However, you should monitor your cat when they are using it to prevent any instances of chocking.

Some cats are very aggressive, and they might remove tiny parts of the toy as they play. If you are not keen, the cats will swallow the small pieces together with the treats, and they may end up chocking. Therefore, you should always monitor your cat as they use the toy.

Tech Traders Catch the Mouse


The most exciting part of this toy is the fact that it comes with a scratch pad. In addition to giving your cat endless hours of play time, they also get to sharpen their tiny clays and keep them healthy. What fascinates the cats when it comes to this toy is the moving mouse. Cats are naturally wired to chase after mice.

The mouse in motion ensures your cat is always glued to the toy and is well entertained throughout the day. The best part is the cats won’t need any supervision as they play with this toy. It is also made of very high quality; therefore you can be guaranteed the toy will last for a long time before replacing it.

Catit Senses Play Circuit


This toy is very cheap, and the light up balls is what attracts the cats to it. It is ideal for young cats, and it does not occupy much space in the house. This toy can be a perfect gift to buy for a cat owner. The toy helps the young cats to develop their mental skills as they try to figure out how to remove the balls from the circuit.

You can be sure that your cat will enjoy their unsupervised play time. It is also very sturdy and safe. There are different ways to configure this circuit. You can either try the S shape displayed on the packaging box, or a circle. You can be alternating both shapes to ensure your cat doesn’t get bored.

Most clients who purchased this toy gave positive reviews of their cats loving it. They liked the circular shape more since the cats tend to jump into the circle as they follow the balls. This is a good and cheap way to ensure your cat stays active throughout the day.

Catit Senses Food Tree


This ingenious toy is more of a food dispenser than a toy. It is a very creative way to ensure your cat enjoys their food. Cats are born with the natural instinct of hunting, and this toy motivates them to hunt for their food in the food tree.

It is effortless to assemble, and it can be used by all cat sizes. The smaller cats can fetch food from the lower bowl while the large cats can try their luck on the upper feeding bowls. It is very stable regardless of its height, and the large base ensures it remains stable and it doesn’t topple as the cats play with it.

It also acts as an excellent way to regulate your cats eating habits. This is particularly important if your cat is overweight and you would like for it to lose some weight. You can minimize the amount of food you put in the food tree and instead of one large serving; you can divide the food into smaller portions and keep adding into the food tree from time to time.

This method encourages your cat to eat at different intervals which is advisable for weight loss, and the cat can also exercise as they try to remove the food from the food tree. In addition to that, your cats will be super busy, and you can add treats for them once in a while.

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger


This toy is very simple, but it stimulates your cats to be active as they fish for food. The feeding tubes are wide enough to ensure your cat’s paws don’t get stuck as they try to retrieve the food.  It is easy to clean, and regular cleaning is advisable to prevent food poisoning.

It is very sturdy, and it won’t topple as the cats try to reach for food. The only downside to this toy is that the cats can create a lot of mess as they try to get food from it. Ensure you have a mat placed underneath the toy for easy cleaning. Apart from that, it is a handy toy as the cats learn how to coordinate their brain and tiny paws.

Bottom Line

Cat toys are not only crucial for keeping boredom at bay; they also help a lot to develop some of the cats’ senses. Toys are a must for strict indoor cats since they rarely interact with nature, unlike the outdoor cats.

Therefore, the toys are an excellent way to help them develop their skills. However, be very careful as you pick the toys. Make sure you buy toys that are safe and won’t end up being a health hazard to your cats.