Why are we discussing this? If you’re a cat owner, have you never noticed that your cat does not audibly fart, as a dog or indeed a human does? It’s a question that we have been asked, and quite a fun one when all is said and done! It’s also quite interesting when you know the facts.

The simple answer is this: yes, cats do fart, as do all mammals. A cat has a gastrointestinal system – as we do, and dogs and other animals also – and it has that vital escape valve, the anus. A fart is the build-up of intestinal gases, created when food is eaten and processed, being expelled as a cloud from  the anus.

So, we hear human farts, often hear dog farts, but rarely do we hear a cat fart? Why is this? There is no definitive answer, but the most commonly given explanations lies in the way cats eat, as opposed to dogs.

A dog will gulp its food down in greedy fashion, getting it done in the quickest time and making short work of it. A cat is more refined (as they are in most areas of life) and will eat small amounts in its own time. The result is that a dog has more food to process at once, leading to very pungent powerful farts. Cats, on the other hand, have only a small amount to get rid of at any given time, so their farts are less powerful, and less notable.

So, there you have it: cats do fart, but you may never notice your kitty doing so!