Losing a cat is a traumatizing experience for any pet owner. The thought of not knowing where your cat is or if they are still safe and alive is frightful. This reason is what led to the establishment of different lost and found organizations that have gone a long way to reunite pet owners with their beloved pets.

Rescue centers have played a significant role in providing shelter for lost cats that are yet to be reunited with their owners. They provide a haven for stray cats that don‘t have a home or anyone to take care of them.

Rescue and rehoming of cats

Some of the cat rescue centers also double up as cat adoption centers. You are allowed to choose one of the homeless cats and be its caregiver. Most of these centers are not individually owned and they rely on support from different organizations and donations from charitable people. The rescue shelters also allow rehoming of cats as a means of enabling them to have a chance to thrive in a stable environment.

Adoption centers specifically deal with adopting pets. Their main aim is to ensure the cats intended for adoption get a secure home and kind owners who will be able to take care of them. Adoption is not a single day process, and it requires a lot of vetting and careful scrutinization before a cat is released to come to your home.

Pets Located – online service

One of the most popular lost and found independent online service providers in the UK is the Pets Located website. This site helps to reunite lost pets with their owners by using an automated system that matches the pets listed on the found section with the pets registered on the lost segment.

It is free to register the cat details in the found section, but as a pet owner, you will be required to part with a small fee to register your lost cat. The simple logic behind this is the fact that the site operates every single minute to help locate your pet. There is no precise timing as to when your cat will be traced, bearing in mind that maybe the person who found it has no clue that Pets Located website exists.

The site will continue matching the details you input in the lost section with every new cat detail that is entered in the found section. The most significant joy as a pet owner is being reunited with their lost cat. The lost and found websites are renowned for helping to reunite missing cats with their families regardless of the duration of time they have been missing.

Different people have given testimonies of how they were able to find their lost pets after weeks, months and even years of being separated from them. This website has brought hope to many families, and that’s why the lost and found centers continue to thrive.

To some extent, the lost and found sites are sustained by people of good will. This is to say that without the good Samaritans who come across the lost pets and go the extra mile of registering their details, the websites wouldn’t last.

The Pets Located service has over 20,000 registered pets, and this directly translates to thousands of cats that are yet to be claimed by their owners.  This value is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.

Those figures show that there is a high probability that your cat could be among the 20,000 unclaimed pets, and you can easily find it, but on the other hand, the rate of missing pets is quite alarming.

The beauty of most lost and found organizations is that they accept all pets and not just cats only. If you can register your missing pet with as many sites as possible, it will increase your chances of getting reunited with your pet.

Animal Search UK also does a marvelous job when it comes to lost and found pets. It has thousands of volunteers who help match the pets to their owners and the site functions all days of the week. As long as you have registered your pet details, you can be rest assured you will be notified as soon as a match is found.

In addition to using the lost and found websites, it is also advisable to inform as many people as possible. This will increase the odds of finding your cat compared to sitting and waiting for the sites to find your pet. You should also continue checking the cat rescue centers near you to see if someone found your cat and brought it in.

So how do cat rescue centers operate?

Cat rescue centers provide temporary shelter for cats that do not have a home, lost cats or cats that have been abandoned by their owners.

There have been incidences of people moving to different cities or towns and leaving their pets behind. Some even abandon tiny kittens as a result of not neutering the parent cats to prevent them from getting kittens.

Some cats are also born with deformities making some pet owners to abandon them which is a dreadful thing to do. Cat rescue centers help to provide a safe and pet-friendly environment where the rescued cats can comfortably live.

Some of the characteristics of an ideal cat rescue center include;

  • They should be professional,
  • They should have the best interest of the cats at heart,
  • They shouldn’t discriminate against which cats to allow at the center,
  • They should have enough funding to sustain the center,
  • They should have a good team that can take care of the cats,
  • They should be open to volunteer services.

What exactly makes the above points crucial?


This point cannot be overemphasized. Managing a cat rescue center is not a light task, and it needs a diligent head who can make life and death decisions to promote the growth of the rescue center.

Most of these centers receive lost or abandoned cats on a regular basis; therefore, if the head of the center is not able to manage it well, the cats will not have a place to stay.

Some of the cats will take a longer time before they are reunited with their owners or adopted and as a result, the center should be able to put up measures that ensure the cats will be okay until they find another stable home.

The best interest of the cats

Rescue centers receive all sorts of pets, and unfortunately, some of these pets have been subjected to different forms of abuse. It is difficult to comprehend how a human being can cause harm to an innocent pet but sadly such people do exist.

Once the cats are brought into the shelter, it is the responsibility of the rescue center to help the cats get over the trauma. Some of the pets brought to the centers are so traumatized that they fear being next to human beings.

That is why the center should have the best interest of the cats at heart and help them get over the horrendous experiences and help them to start living a healthy life. The rescue centers should also not use the plight of the cats as a means of soliciting funds from people.

No prejudice

Cat rescue centers should have zero tolerance for discrimination against the cats brought in. A proper shelter will have open arms to all the pets that walk through their doors regardless of their mental, physical and emotional state. This allows for as many cats as possible to be helped.

Good source of funding

Money is a critical factor in many shelters since the cats need to be adequately taken care of which is not easy. For example, buying cat food for several hungry mouths is quite challenging. Thus, the shelter should have a reliable source of income to sustain it not forgetting being able to cater for other services such as veterinary visits.


Though a rescue shelter does not need to be big, different people will be involved to ensure it is running smoothly. They will be required to perform various duties such as cleaning the cats, feeding them and taking other cats to the vet.

This is to say that a cat shelter cannot be managed by a single individual and it will require the collective input of different people to make sure the cats are in excellent shape.

Volunteer services

Many good-hearted people gladly sacrifice their time to come and take care of the cats. For this reason, the cat rescue centers should allow visits from people who are interested in volunteering their time and services. Volunteering is an excellent way of giving back to the society because pets are also part of the community.

Volunteering is also a great way of raising awareness of cat abuse since people can see the first-hand effects of the trauma that some cats go through. It is also the perfect way of educating pet owners on neutering to prevent kittens from being abandoned by owners who are not in a position to take care of them.

Blue Cross for pets

Organizations like the Blue Cross for pets have done a tremendous job of finding new homes for the homeless cats. What makes this organization to stand out is the extra effort they put into finding the perfect home for each pet. They deal with unwanted pets that have no one to take care of them, and they place the cats in new homes where they will be able to thrive.

Blue Cross for pets also offers free veterinary services to pet owners who can’t afford the medical services. The organization has specialized hospitals and clinics where the cats are attended to by trained personnel.

However, Blue Cross is a nonprofit organization meaning it does not get any funding from the government. Thus, they are forced to treat the cats based on the severity of the illness. Emergency cases are prioritized since their main aim is to ensure the cats are safe and healthy.

In addition to helping the cats, Blue Cross also offers education sessions where pet owners are trained on how to take care of their pets efficiently. This is one of the organization’s aims of ensuring the pets will be in a comfortable home and that they can live a good life. The educational talks feature all age groups; school going children, the youth and even teachers.

The reason behind training the children is to encourage them to treat the pets well and to be good pet owners in future. There is also an in-depth training session for professionals and volunteers. The training aims at polishing the skills they already have and teaching them new skills such as how to help a grieving pet owner after the loss of their cat.

Numerous pets and people have benefited from the Blue Cross organization, and they have given testimonials of how the pets have quickly adapted to the new homes chosen for them.

One petrified stray dog that was afraid of people was able to slowly change and adapt to the people around him after several sessions of interacting with the caregivers at Blue Cross.

With time the dog completely healed and found a new owner, and so far the dog is doing exceedingly well. This is just one of the many fantastic success stories that show how this organization does a commendable job in helping abandoned and stray pets.

Most of the pets in the cat rescue centers will need a stable home after a while, and that is where cat adoption services come in. There are pet lovers who do not mind adopting the cats as a way of helping the rescue centers to create room for incoming cats that need more attention.

The stabilized cats that are ready for adoption are handed over to new owners after showing proof of being able to continue taking care of the cats. The cat adoption process is not complex, and it may vary with different organizations. In a nutshell, the cat adoption process in the UK can be summarized into seven steps.

1. You will be expected to meet the minimum adoption requirements

To start off with, your home should be pet-friendly, and if you are living in a rented house, you will be required to show proof that the landlord allows pets in the building.

Your family should also be compatible with the cats. For example, kittens cannot be released to a home that does not have people during the day since they require attention and cannot be left alone.

In case you want an outdoor cat, you should have a safe garden for the cats and non-smokers cannot be given indoor cats. You should also agree to sign a consent form that requires you to meet all the cats’ needs including vet bills.

You should be able to pay the minimum adoption fee required to facilitate processes such as neutering, vaccination, deworming and micro chipping before the cat is released to you. These are just some of the minimum requirement needed, and you should contact the adoption agency you wish to work with to get the full details.

2. Filling out an inquiry form

Once the adoption center has established that you have met all the minimum requirements needed, you will be handed an inquiry form to fill. The form will capture;

  • All your personal details,
  • Your work schedule,
  • The type of cat you would like to adopt,
  • Details of all your family members,
  • Your experience with cats,
  • Any other pets you have in your home,
  • Details of your vet doctor, etc.

The inquiry form will guide the adoption center to determine whether you are qualified to adopt a cat.

3. Guidelines on which cat to adopt

Different people who walk into the adoption centers have different preferences for the cat(s) they would like to take home. The adoption agency will guide you on the best cat to adopt. For example, if you want more than one cat, you will be advised to pick cats that have already bonded.

This will enable them to adapt quickly to the new home, and they will not be lonely. If you already have other pets, you will be given a pet that will not have a rough time getting along with the other pets.

4. Home visits

This is a mandatory process, and it aims to verify the details you put on the inquiry form. Home visits will allow the adoption center to scrutinize your home and establish whether the new cat will be comfortable or not.

5. Meeting the new cat

If your application for adopting a cat is successful, you will be allowed to see the cat that you will take home. Here, your interaction with the cat will be observed and noted and in addition to that, your family members will also be required to meet the cats.

The kids will be of particular interest since naturally, they are the ones who will spend more time with the cat helping it to adapt to the new environment.

6. Education on important dates

Most of the adoption centers ensure that the necessary health checkups are attained before the cat is released to you. However, you will be responsible for future health visits to the vet.

The adoption centers will educate you on crucial dates such as deworming after 3-6 months and defleaing after 1- 3 months. You will need to update individual records of all the cats you adopt.

You will also be educated on how to help the cat adapt to its new surroundings. For example, it is advisable to keep the new cat indoors for a month before you can let it go outside. Cats that are adopted and immediately released to roam outside will have higher chances of becoming stray cats.

Taking the cat home

This is the most thrilling part. Once the adoption center is satisfied that you are qualified to adopt a cat, you will be given the green light to take it home. However, some professionals from the adoption center may pop into your home once in a while to check how the cat is doing and if it managed to settle in well.

Cat Chat – more than just a chat

Cat Chat is one of the best adoption websites in the UK and Ireland.  Not only do they offer adoption services, they also encourage the adoption of cats that would not ordinarily be picked by most people. An example of such a group of cats is black cats.

There are a lot of myths and stereotyping when it comes to black cats and most people would rather avoid them. Cat Chat advocates for all cats to be treated equally and that they should be given a chance to thrive in a stable home without being discriminated.

Another group of unwanted cats is the older cats which the Cat Chat website refers to as ‘senior Kittizens.’ Most people prefer kittens since they will live longer and they are easier to train.

According to Cat Chat, the older cats are easier to take care of since they are less demanding. The website advocates for their adoptation too since at the end of the day they are still cats that need a cozy home and a good pet owner.

Cats Protection – more than rehoming

Cats Protection is another excellent feline welfare organization for cats. Its main aim is to provide homes for cats, raise awareness on the importance of cat neutering and to educate the society on how to take care of cats effectively.

Cats Protection was founded in 1927, and 91 years later, the organization is still achieving its goals of helping cats’ secure stable homes. The organization largely focuses on neutering. Therefore, it is a great platform for learning. Majority of the cats adopted from Cats Protection have been neutered to ensure they will not be able to sire kittens.

In conclusion

The number of abandoned, lost and homeless cats is skyrocketing every single day. The different lost and found organizations have greatly helped to reunite lost cats with their owners. However, despite their numerous efforts, thousands of cats are yet to be matched to their original owners.

Cat rescue centers and adoption centers can only do so much to help the cats. That is why some organizations have opted to neuter the cats before releasing them for adoption in an attempt to control the number of stray and homeless cats.

The adoption process is not a tough procedure as many people assume, and if you can accommodate more cats into your home, the better. This will significantly relieve the pressure on the rescue centers, and more cats will have a chance of living in a good environment thanks to you.

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