Maine Coon – The Gentle Giant (Cat)

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: February 24, 2018
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Looking for love? The Main Coon could be the perfect companion. They are large and fluffy and they love being cuddled. That makes them the ultimate house cat for cat owners that want a pet that is going to be a source of humor and comfort. Before you decide whether this is the best cat to bring to your home, here is a quick round up of Maine Coons and everything you need to know about them.

The History of the Maine Coon

You just don’t wake up and find yourself on the world stage – this is a saying that is best embodied by this glorious cat breed. Before becoming the world sensation that it is today, the Maine coon was a resident of New England chasing mice and doing what most farm cats did back in the 19th century.

The breed is thought to have originated after seafarers brought long haired cats from other parts of the world which mated with the short-haired cats of England at the time. As a result, a big, strongly-built cat that had a semi-long coat and a tail that looked like a brush was born and is what we call a Maine Coon.

His constant run-ins in with mice and other farm duties turned this cat into a highly attentive and capable hunter and to date, these features are very evident with this breed. After it had arrived on the British shores in the early 19th century, this is now one of the most common and most preferred cats.

The Maine Coon’s Appearance

It is impossible not to notice a Maine Coon. It has a characteristic rectangular, well built and large body with strong legs and a firm chin. They have large tall ears and a wide base that tapers into pointed tips. You will also notice that the ears are set nicely apart which makes the cat look very symmetrical.

They have a broach chest and tend to mature really slowly achieving maturity at around 5 years of age. Another unmistakable feature of this breed is the raccoon-like bushy tail that is usually as long as the body of the cat. Their coat is not only thick filled with semi-long fur but it also has a glossy sheen and the variety of colors that you can get the cat is so diverse. However, there are only a handful of colors that are allowed by the GCCF breed standard which include lilac, Siamese points and chocolate. Other common color coats with the breed include the brown classic and the Mackerel tabby


Despite being a large cat, the Maine Coon is gentle giant but a very aggressive and successful mouser. They are also very intelligent cats and can be trained to walk on leads, open doors and also fetch just in case you love having some extra fun with your kitty.

One of the weirdest characteristics of Maine Coons is they have the oddest choices for napping spots. They also have a tendency to remain very kitten-like even after they are all grown up but are not clingy but they do hate being left alone for a long time. As much as taking the cat out for a walk is fine, they are largely indoor cats that love the companionship of people and other pets.


If you want the cat to be in the best condition, you should be prepared to give his coat a groom on a weekly basis and they require plenty of space to move around and exercise. On average, a healthy male Maine Coon can weigh up to 18 pounds and females about 12 pounds. They have an average life span of 15 years.

If you are looking for a great cat that brings size, love and kindness to your home, the Maine Coon is your pick. It gets along with other pets very well which makes it the perfect pet for animal lovers. You should be prepared to shower the cat with lots of love and cuddles and if you have the occasional mouse in your home, she might just take care of that for you.

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