Russian Blue – The Archangel of Cats

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: February 24, 2018
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Once described by a judge as the Doberman Pinscher of Cats, this strong built yet graceful cat is a true site to behold. Commonly recognized by their silvery blue color, Russians are best kept as show cats. They come in two other colors which are white and black but these are not as common as they silvery-blue. The Russian white breed also features pink paws and nose which makes the cat that much cuter. If you are a loner who loves staying indoors then the Russian is going to be the perfect pet for you.

History of the Russian Blue

The history of the Russian breed is both confusing and interesting. Even though the details of the origin are quite sketchy, one certain fact is that this is a natural breed and not the handy work of men. They are also known as Archangel cats and the name is befitting for two reasons. The first is because of their angelic look that features silver tipping and the green eyes and the second is because of where they were first spotted which was at a port in Russia called Arkhangelsk.

The first Russian breed to be on the cat fancy stage was a Russian Blue back in 1875. In 1890, the cats were imported to Britain by a British Fancier called Mrs. Crew-Cox who continued to breed them and present them at different cat shows. Like most cat breeds, the breed was nearly wiped out by the Second World War. Other breeds were later used to revive the numbers and as you would expect, it took years before the original form and character of the Russian breed was achieved.

They did not make it into America until 1900 and today, they make some for the best show cats to those that know the secrets to keeping them looking pristine and great companions to any cat owner that loves the beauty that they exude.

The Russian Blue Personality

The personality of the Russian breed regardless of the coat color is what makes even more people love it. It is shy, quiet and gentle. But, this shouldn’t fool you. He does love to play and particularly loves retrieving games and loves climbing high places so you might want to grab ladder if you own one of these beauties.

They don’t cozy up to guests very well (at least not immediately) but are quite clingy when it comes to their favorite person to the extent of hitching a ride on your shoulder as you walk around the house. The cat is comfortable being left alone during the day and can provide some good entertainment when you get back. One thing that you might find annoying about them is their tendency to wake you up in the morning since they don’t like missing their meals. It is safe to say that he doubles up as an alarm clock.


Because they only come in four main coat colors, you don’t have to worry about being confused by what color to choose. All four coat colors are absolutely stunning and irresistible. The coat is short and dense to the point that you can draw patterns on fur and it will stay that way until you smooth it out.

They have a medium-sized body that is muscular, long fine boned legs, a wedge shape and the characteristic smile that the breed has been known for over the years. It has an aristocratic appearance and even though the breed is quite strong, it is very graceful and you will even find it sitting with its feet crossed once in a while.


The thick coat is best adapted to the cold weather and frequent combing at least twice a week is essential in getting rid of loose hairs and distributing the skin oils. Since they are notorious shedders, you might want to give her or him a bath during this period to get rid of the excess hair and you might want to remain hawk-eyed on their litter because they are very keen on their bathroom hygiene. It goes without mentioning that all these beauty and grace is not meant for the outdoors.

Cat lovers that are attracted by beauty and a cat that is selective on when to have fun will the Russian Breed. They are funny, loving, and playful and if you have an early morning job, they will always make sure you don’t miss it.

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