Siamese – The Outspoken Cat

This guide was written by Joe Francis
Updated: March 3, 2018
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In this guide

The stunning blue eyes and the warm character of the Siamese cat are what make it a favorite among many cat lovers. The Siamese cat is one of a kind since it loves human company a lot and they will follow you everywhere you go whether you like it or not. Your home will be their home and your people will be their people.

Where did this lovely cat come from?

Well, the Siamese cat originates from Thailand, and by the 19th century, it had already infiltrated Europe and North America. This cat was later discovered to possess strong dominant genes which led to its crossbreed with other cats.

The oriental shorthair cat, Cornish Rex, Peter bald, sphinx, and the color point short hair are some of the breeds that developed as a result of crossbreeding the Siamese cat with other cats.

In the 1950s, there were several cat shows which greatly influenced the change in the structure of the Siamese cats. The traditional Siamese cat was a long-bodied muscular, medium size cat with large ears, and the head was apple shaped.

The modern Siamese cat, on the other hand, has a very lean and slender body structure. The head is narrow and triangular with ears that are quite large and wide. The slender legs and thin tail emphasize the cat’s long tubular body. Although the traditional Siamese and modern Siamese cat have the same origin, their physical attributes are utterly different.

Appearance of the Siamese Cat

Apart from the sharp blue eyes, the other prominent feature of the Siamese cat is the color points which are visible on the neck, face, ears, and tail. The fascinating fact about the color points is that they only appear on the parts of the cat considered to be cold and they cannot appear in areas prone to high temperatures.

The coat is short but glossy, and it is effortless to maintain. Like a majority of the cats, the Siamese cats shed moderately, and regular grooming and a healthy diet will stop the shedding from going overboard. Siamese cats have evolved due to the cross-breeding, and several colors are now available such as;

  • Seal point,
  • Lilac point,
  • Blue point,
  • Chocolate point

The blue eye color is a constant feature in all the Siamese cats regardless of the cross-breeding. The current classic signs of a Siamese cat remain to be the blue eyes, slender body, and the color points.

Siamese personality – loud and clear

Siamese cats are extroverts, and their energy levels are on a whole new cat level. They rarely sit still, and their curiosity will probably be the end of them one day. Their active nature makes them excellent outdoor cats, and it is easy to train them how to fetch. They quickly adapt to new environments, and their inquisitive nature plays a significant role.

Siamese cats are very affectionate, and they love keeping their owner’s company. They do not have a problem interacting with strangers, and they are the best when it comes to playing with kids. They are very tolerant of kids, and they don’t mind being carried around or being dressed up by the kids for tea parties.

Surprisingly they also get along with cat-friendly dogs, and they can coexist in the same room. However, supervision is required on the initial interactions with the dogs to ensure there is no conflict.

Health is a very crucial factor, and Siamese cats have developed good immunity over the years, and they rarely get sick. The only downside to the Siamese cats is that they are very vocal cats. They will whine about anything and everything just to get your attention.

In conclusion

Siamese cats are the best domestic cats due to their loving nature. They are good looking, extremely playful, easy to maintain and they rarely get sick, which makes them the perfect combination for a domestic pet.

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